Monday, January 26, 2009

Just as all these stories begin...there was this girl. It was November and we brought in temps for holiday help. She is in her early 20's, and has a couple of kids who's father isn't in the picture. We talk about her kids, we joke, we flirt. Generally we got along famously. So I get around to asking her if she's dating...she's not, but she's not looking. K.

So the holidays end and so does her employment with us. We exchange phone numbers, and text back in forth, call eachother on breaks, and generally try to stay friends (which is incredibly out of character for me, I'm a flake). Flash forward to Friday, my half day at work. I get a call from my boss, and apparently the girl stopped in and asked for my number again, something happened with her phone. K. Today I go into work and she had left a note for me, asking if I wanted to go see a movie we had been talking about. So, I text her.

Me - "Are you asking me out? : )"
Her - "Fuck U"
- "Is that a yes or a no? : ) How about tomorrow night?"
- "Fuck Off"
- "Seriously? K."
- "K"

Five minutes later I get a call, which I put on silent, pretty sure I didn't want to hear what she had to say. Voicemail. Hmm?

"Yes I was, but I have a boyfriend and he got to the phone first when you texted me. So I guess that's it."

What exactly did I miss, here?

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  1. There are the right people for's just finding the right ones. It's hard, and we'll always stumble, but, it's picking up until we find our right place and time, and those that are our true connections.